A Short Review of 2016

Image Browser for CKEditor / 31.12.2016 15:46 / Moritz Maleck

This year was packed with lots of amazing events, starting with the first anniversary of the Image Uploader and Browser for CKEditor. The whole year we have been working on the next major release of the plugin, which will be available as Open Beta in the coming few months. Right now there are about 30 bugs and suggested improvements planned to be focused on as soon as possible.


Since the very first version of the add-on 60k downloads have been made, and the number is increasing daily. Much to my regret only five people have donated so far. Considering how much time I have invested to this project, this is not very encouraging.

Other projects

Furthermore, I finished working on other websites and projects that are all available in Germany. You can find them in the projects list and especially in the German version of my website.

New year

I would also like to take a moment to thank all active users of my projects and all the people who supported me by donating or even just saying 'thanks‘. Now the time has arrived to relax and to look forward to 2017. Enjoy the holidays and - as always - stay tuned!

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