State of Image Browser: Version 5.0

Image Browser for CKEditor / 08.11.2016 19:58 / Moritz Maleck

You haven't heard anything from me for quite a long time now, and the last update for the Image Uploader and Browser for CKEdtior was released in February. Now I would like to tell you more about version 5.0, which I have been working on during this time.

The new version contains a whole bunch of bug fixes, improvements and new features. You can now manage and browse folders, upload multiple files, rename files and much more - check out the changelog below! Previews of the new features will be uploaded within the next few weeks to twitter.

New features:

  • Create, delete, rename and browse folders
  • Rename & move files (Preview)
  • Multiple file uploads
  • File upload progress bar
  • Image preview before upload
  • File & folder search

Version 5 will be available as Open Beta to everyone early 2017. If you would like to have access to the new features now, please send me a short mail:

Stay tuned for more information and do not forget to follow me on twitter.